The First 2 Steps

Transitioning focus from furniture flipping to cabinet flipping or cabinet painting was very easy. But does require some thought and planning. To get the back-story as to why I started painting cabinets, here’s the link:

The First Step to Starting a Cabinet Painting Business

The very first thing is to tell everyone and anyone who will listen! I was working 1 day a week in a vintage furniture shop, where I sold some of my painted furniture and taught chalk painting classes. I told everyone what my new focus was, and would share the huge differences of painting furniture and cabinets. That’s how I first starting getting the word out that I was now painting cabinets as a business.

after…same cabinets, hinges and pulls

The Second Step of Starting a Cabinet Painting Business

The second step of starting a cabinet paint business is training & education! YouTube channels will tell you that you can paint your cabinets with chalk paint or milk paint in an afternoon. NNOOOOO! Cabinets are a completely different beast and have to be treated as such!

Because of the previous use and continued wear and tear that cabinets get, it’s critical that cabinets are not treated just like any other piece of furniture. The cabinets are going to peel, crack and chip if all the steps aren’t done right. The ONLY thing you want to hear from a homeowner is how beautiful and durable your paint job is!

Thankfully there was an online course teaching cabinet painting. After studying all that info/video’s, I started testing techniques and products for myself.

Cabinet Painting Tip!

Go to Restore/Habitat for Humanity or any store like that and buy cabinet doors. They are usually $1-$2 each. They are Perfect to practice on: cleaning/degreasing, filling the knob/pull holes, repairing dents and painting. You can’t find a better way to practice! If you can make a beat-up, dirty old cabinet door beautiful again – you can do ANY kitchen! The very best cabinet doors will be used as a sample of your work. And they are awesome for showing specialty finishes, like glazing, powder glazing, inking, etc.

some rough looking cabinets to work on!

Those are the first two things I did when I transitioned from furniture flipping to cabinet painting/flipping cabinets. And while I love painting furniture (and always will!), I love helping homeowners fall in love with their kitchens! Or help them sell their homes faster because the kitchen is now a highlight, instead of an eyesore. Another key thing is the consistent income, being able to work only while my daughter is at school and knowing I’ll have future income, because I’m always booked months in advance. All those pieces put together make for a very satisfying way to make a living!

the china cabinet from the same kitchen wanted a make-over too!
and after! beautiful shade of green, that was pulled from the sweet wallpaper
same kitchen, after…

What do you think? Ever been frustrated by the inconsistency of furniture flipping? Interested in learning more about cabinet painting as a business, I’ve started a new social media pages on facebook: and on Instagram …please join me over there for daily tips, info and inspiration!

I would love to hear back from you! What do you think?