From Painting Furniture to Painting Cabinets

I’ve been refinishing furniture and painting cabinets for the past 15+ years. But when my family and I moved to the southwest 7 years ago, my furniture sales dried up…over night! Somehow my French provincial/grand millennial style wasn’t really sought after in the southwest. This is where rustic, desert-inspired elements are combined with bits of boho in warm hues of terracotta, earthy greens and sand are most wanted!


What about Cabinet Painting?

I wanted consistent income, but wanted to only work while my daughter was at school. So, about 25-30 hours a week. I decided to really focus on cabinet painting. My first priority was to make sure I had the latest, most updated info on the best products and techniques used. I also was lucky enough to have some great mentors. They made it easy to make the leap from painting furniture to the completely different word of painting cabinets. And competing with the “big boys”, with their big crews and hard core equipment.


Through education, training, mentors and getting to know those “big boys” (who were very cool, as it turns out) I learned that I can get my hands on all the same products they have and the same equipment (scaled down – don’t need 5 gallon drum sprayers!). And use the same systems & processes to turn out beautiful, updated & durable cabinet painting jobs, too.

Lots of Practice Painting Cabinets

In the beginning, I practiced and experimented on cabinets from ReStore (Habitat for Humanity). They are the perfect test! If you can pick up dirty, grimy, beat up/scratched up old cabinets and transform them into new looking, fresh, pretty-near perfect cabinet doors – than you can certainly do any kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Those are the exact cabinets I used during my consultations with clients to show them what can be done with existing cabinets.

filling holes and deep scrapes

No need to replace cabinets, clients can save money and the land fill!

Very quickly after pivoting my furniture painting business to cabinet painting, I was consistently busy. I limited myself to doing only 2 kitchens a month and maybe a bathroom here and there, and was booked out months in advance.

I’ve started a private group over on Facebook to help with all things cabinet painting…

Have you thought about cabinet painting as a business? If you want a consistent income, and want a say in how many hours you work each day, then you may want to think about it…it has certainly been a huge blessing to our family!


Here’s a link for some resources…

so that’s why I starting painting cabinets full time…next week I’ll share how I transitioned the business to focus on mostly cabinet painting.

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