…or is it? lol!

This week let’s look at another part of the kitchen that can really add a lot of personality, style and FUNCTION to your kitchen, in addition to those kitchen cabinets that you either have or are thinking about painting.

It’s Rustic Kitchen Island week and here’s a collection of rustic islands that you can easily copy for your kitchen…perfect DIY furniture projects!


from DIY Show Off

So this could be my favorite! Beautiful antique: check!, used in an unexpected way: check! and actually have a function? Check! You can totally use a dresser as a kitchen island! And think of that storage! This would be even more beautiful and functional with a marble/granite top…

from dishfunctionaldesigns…LOVE the spelling!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found dressers with damaged or messed up drawers and making these into shelves are the perfect solution! And you can add a cute brass towel rack on the sides.

from dandelionsprinkles

A-dorable! such a beautiful shade of green and nice wood stain on top. You never want to go to trendy when painting cabinets…this way, you go with a great, safe color on the cabinets and you can add color to the island and accessories. Love the hanging basket attached to the side!

found on hometalk

How smart is this? Extend the top with some “L” brackets and you’ve got a breakfast bar! This can be done with any style dresser, sideboard or buffet. Add a butcher block, marble or granite top with the brackets, which can either be simple or fancy & detailed. Can be farmhouse or elegant!


from remodelista

These two are awesome…you can make it farmhouse charming or industrial, and any size. Love the iron tops.

orion kitchen island

This one is made by Orion, but really can be easily copied. Just a small check/mini buffet with towel bars on the sides. This is perfect for a smaller kitchen.

from shabbycreekcottage

And Rustic Kitchen Islands wouldn’t be complete without this adorable dresser/breakfast bar. This color is so charming, I feel like it would be in a beachfront cottage! I want to paint a dresser this color and put a white glaze on it, to make those details pop in a soft, beachy way…did that make any sense? lol

It’s been a fun week looking at these adorable, non-traditional islands. If your thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets, you can think about a cute kitchen island in an accent color. You can totally DIY your kitchen cabinets and furniture!

Next week I’ll be releasing my new, updated & improved Perfect Cabinet Paint ColorGuide!!! There will be the top 5 shades each of White, Light Gray, Medium Gray, Dark Gray, Black, Blue & Greige. This isn’t just a listing – I’ve included pictures of each color – painted cabinets in each shade. You can really get a feel for how the paint color actually looks in a kitchen! That will be in your inbox soon! Check it out and share it with anyone you know that’s thinking about painting their kitchen cabinets.

here’s a before & after video I uploaded this week on YouTube…