a question I get a lot!


I see this all over the internet and You Tube and No, you shouldn’t use chalk or milk paint on cabinets and here’s why…

Neither is made for hard core durability that kitchen cabinets demand. Neither is intended to be able to withstand the cleaning that kitchen cabinets need…and don’t even get me started on waxing! (I don’t need to remind you that wax and heat don’t mix, as well as trying to really clean food stains…need I say more?). Not to mention that chalk paint leaves brush strokes and absorbs oils and stains. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE chalk paint for furniture…just not cabinets.

Here’s what I’ve seen a lot of in response to today’s question:

“doesn’t hold up, chips easily and scratches”

“shows every mark”

“I am not impressed, it hasn’t held up well, multiple places have chipped and I’m afraid of touching it up”

It’s all about durability, finish and a surface that you can clean…

Paints made specifically for cabinets have ‘hardeners” added for durability and all that prep and primer (I do admit, it is a drag!) is Completely necessary…otherwise I (and all other professional cabinet painters) wouldn’t have been doing it for years.

Now the good news…paint companies can match ANY paint color into the right paint for the job…Yes, they can match Annie Sloan Paris Gray or General Finishes Snow White! And paint made for cabinets also are self-leveling – meaning that they won’t show brush marks (no need to sand smooth). Also, they cure MUCH faster, some within 24 hours, as opposed to 30 days for most chalk/milk paints.

So, if you’ve been wondering which one you should use…it’s paint made for cabinets in any color you want! Please email me if you have any questions about this or any other cabinet topic!