Well…back in 2006 my husband and I bought our first house…and it needed A LOT of work…starting with the kitchen!

I had never taken on any house project before, but had always been artistic…so when the kitchen cabinets looked a lot like these:

(this is a lot like our old cabinets, only the handles in the middle of the cabinet doors were more like medallions!)

I had to do something, but new cabinets were not in the budget…and these were made of wood and in decent enough shape…but those handles, really?

So, at the time…I washed the cabinets really good. This house was built in 1928, so there’s going to be a buildup crud.

Filled those medallion holes, painted them with a built-in primer (I know better now!) and used Ralph Lauren Glaze in Tea Stain (it has since been discontinued – but there’s even more options out now) …changed the pulls and Voila! “New” cabinets…

I couldn’t believe the transition in about 1 week …it felt like “instant gratification”…

That was my first foray into “home improvement” and I have LOVED working on furniture and cabinets projects ever since…with a couple sewing and upholstering projects thrown in for fun!

After a couple years (and lots of training), I decided to go into painting and refinishing cabinets and furniture full time. It was and still is the most satisfying thing I can imagine doing.

Tell me…what was your first home improvement or furniture project? If you haven’t started yet, what do you want to start with?