Taking on the project of painting kitchen cabinets is a lot like a Triathlon!  There are 3 P’s… and each P in a must!

Prep: it’s critical! You must completely degrease cabinets doors and boxes…no matter what some You Tube videos say. If dirt, grime, and grease are not removed, it doesn’t matter how great the primer and paint is – it’s going to bubble, crack, and peel.

Prime: yes…even if the paint you pick has a primer in it…you need a specific primer to block tannins (wood staining) and create GREAT adhesion-getting that paint to adhere to the cabinet. You can have your primer tinted – just ask wherever you buy paint. You will need 2 coats.

Paint: yay-the good part! Get a paint specifically made for cabinets – they are made for more durability…whereas for most paints that’s not an issue…like wall paint. And it can be wiped down and cleaned.  You will always need 2 coats.

There you have it – the Triathlon of kitchen cabinet painting!