This is an easy fix. You can paint your cabinet hinges, knobs and pulls!  You first have to thoroughly clean them with Krud Kutter kitchen degreaser (I use an old toothbrush to do this). After that, wipe them down with denatured alcohol and let them dry completely.

Next: Paint!

I use Rust Oleum spray paint to paint the cabinet hinges, knobs and pulls. It comes in a bunch of colors including metallics that look great and hold up beautifully.

and I’m not even an affiliate!

It’s best to spray in two light coats. The easiest way is to spray the hinges and pulls is on a piece of cardboard. Then it’s easy to flip over and do the backside. For the pulls and knobs, just put the screw through the cardboard so the pull /knob stands up straight to make it easier for spraying.


After the first light spray, let it sit out in the sun to dry thoroughly. Hours later, give it another light spray.

And I always let it just sit and dry an extra 24 hours before installing.

After you have reattached the cabinet doors and screwed the hinges in the door, I like to put a little bit of that paint on the top of the screw, so it matches the rest of the hinge. You can do that by spraying a little of the paint into a disposable cup. Then you can apply it with a small craft brush after they’re all screwed in.

after…same hinges and pulls

Voila! They look brand new!

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